Resources to Help the School Librarian Instruct Students and Have a Very Effective Library

Learning and Teaching

--Information Skills Standards and Curriculum
--Information Skills Lesson Plans
--Literature Lesson Plans
--Teaching about "Fake News"
--Using Primary Sources - DBQ's
--Flexible Scheduling
--Assessment and Rubrics
--Instructional Models
--KidSafe Search Sites

Information Access

--Challenges to Library Materials
--Collection Development Policies
--Collection Evaluation, Weeding, and Preservation
--Selection Tools
--The Reading Room: Children's and Adult Literature
--Library Services for Special Needs Students
--Library Services for the Spanish Speaking Student
--Media Literacy and Web Site Evaluation
--Copyright Issues

Program Administration

--The Importance of School Libraries
--Library Management Policies and Procedures
--Library Promotion and Advocacy
--Library Graphics and Bulletin Boards
-- Job Descriptions, and Evaluation
--Mission Statements, Strategic Plans, Action Research, and Annual Reports
--Statistical Studies of School Libraries
--Library Facilities Design
--Covid-19 Resources for School Libraries
-- Coronavirus, Disasters, Damage, Insects, and Mold
--School/Public Library Combinations and Collaborations
--Publishers and Vendors


--Chat GPT and other new Tech.
--Technology and Internet Lesson Plans
--Social Media in School Libraries
--E-Books and E-Readers
--Tablets, Phones, and Apps
--Library Videos
--Writing Library Web Pages

Education and Employment

--Educational Programs for School Librarians
--Professional Development Online
--Jobs in Libraries

Continuing Education

--Current News of Libraries, the Internet, and Education
--Journals and Sites for Library Research
--Library Resources Web Sites
--History of School Libraries
--Library Humor and Miscellany

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