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H. C. Bailey

Born in London, England, Feb. 1, 1878, Died in Llanfairfechen, North Wales, March 24. 1961

Henry Christopher Bailey lived most of his life in London. He attended the City of London School, and graduated with honors in classics from CorpusChristi College of the University of Oxford. From 1901 to 1946, he worked for London's Daily Telegraph. He began as a drama critic and was a war correspondent, and finally an editorial writer. In addition to his mystery stories, he also wrote an historical novel each year from 1901 through 1928. These novels had various settings and were from a variety of historical periods. He also wrote a history of the Franco-Prussian war.

Bailey married Lydia Haden Janet Guest in 1908, and they had two daughters. He did his writing in the evenings after his work on the Daily Telegraph. In addition to his writing, he also enjoyed gardening. He was a founding member of The Detection Club.

Bailey created two detective series. His first series was about Reggie Fortune who had trained in medicine for family practice, but who was employed by Scotland Yard as a medical expert in murder cases. Bailey's second series was about Joshua Clunk, a solicitor for lower class criminals. Clunk employed a staff of investigators to located dangerous criminals.


Reggie Fortune
Call Mr. Fortune 1920. Available as an e-book at Manybooks.net
Mr. Fortune's Practice 1923
Mr. Fortune's Trials 1925
Mr. Fortune, Please 1927
Mr. Fortune Speaking 1929
Mr. Fortune Explains 1930
Case for Mr. Fortune 1932
Mr. Fortune Wonders 1933
Shadow on the Wall 1934
Mr. Fortune Objects 1935
A Clue for Mr. Fortune 1936
Black Land, White Land 1937
This is Mr. Fortune 1938
The Great Game 1939
The Bishop's Crime 1940
Mr. Fortune Here 1940
No Murder (or The Apprehensive Dog) 1942
Mr. Fortune Finds a Pig 1943
The Cat's Whisker (or Dead Man's Effects 1944
The Life Sentence 1946
Saving a Rope 1948
Joshua Clunk
Garstons (or The Garston Murder Case) 1930
The Red Castle 1932
The Sullen Sky Mystery 1935
Clunk's Claimant (or The Twittering Bird Mystery) 1937
The Veron Mystery (or Mr. Clunk's Text) 1939
The Little Captain (or Orphan Ann 1941
Dead Man's Shoes or (or Nobody's Vineyard
Slippery Ann (or The Queen of Spades
The Wrong Man 1945
Honour Among Thieves 1946
Shrouded Death 1946

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